Writing a book takes creativity, finishing a book takes determination! Publishing a book with FastPencil only takes a few clicks: our goal is to make it simple!

FastPencil makes it easy to publish without knowing all of the nuances of the publishing industry and its necessary metadata.

From our Facebook post about BISAC Codes and to further the discussion:

BISAC Codes are just one element of publishing that FastPencil simplifies. Our publishing wizard guides authors through the metadata collection process prior to publishing. This information is paired with your ISBN, Covers and book files and distributed to all sales channels once the title is published.

To update your title details, click the “Publication Setup…” button from your project dashboard to input or change the data that will be used inside your published book and ebook and on sales channels for marketing purposes.

Publication Details, include:

Title and Author info
Enter title (required) and optional subtitle, series title and edition (if applicable) as you would like them to appear in the published book.

Enter the description of the book as you would like it to appear in the Marketplace and all other retail sales channels (if wide distribution service is selected).

Select BISAC Subject Headings (http://www.bisg.org/what-we-do-0-136-bisac-subject-headings-list-major-subjects.php) to categorize books based on topical content.)

These are just some of the prompts the publishing wizard guides you through.

Don’t be afraid to click the “Publication Setup…” button to complete your publication bundle. Authors only pay to publish and print books. So enter your publication details and complete your book project today!

FastPencil is Publishing Simplified.

SOURCE ARTICLE from our Knowledge Base: https://kb.fastpencil.com/hc/en-us/articles/201656794

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Publishing Simplified

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